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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Total Plan Cleaning are experts in commercial carpet cleaning. Our Hamilton based commercial carpet cleaners are armed with the experience, equipment and expertise to make your commercial carpet look as good as new.

Often the carpets in your commercial property are subjected to a lot more abuse than those in your home. This can be from heavy foot traffic, spilled substances, or built up dust. Often commercial carpets often are left looking worse for wear, and when uncared for need replacing more often. Although regular cleaning packages may vacuum carpets on a regular basis this sometimes isn’t enough to keep your carpet in top shape. As carpets in public areas carpets often can be infested with parasites such as fleas, lice and mites that bury themselves deep into carpet fibres. But through regular commercial carpet cleaning you can not only maintain a clean working environment but pCommerical-Carpet-Cleaning-Truck-Mountedrotect the health of your employees. 

The carpet in your workplace represents significant capital investment for your company and also plays a major role in the image of your company and the working environment for your staff. We help you protect this investment and prolong the life of your valuable carpet through custom commercial carpet cleaning programs to meet the specific needs of your business.

Total Plan Cleaning Services offer commercial carpet cleaning Hamilton wide and have sophisticated, state of the art carpet cleaning processes, such as our high-powered truck mounted carpet cleaner. Also, we use only safe, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-irritant chemicals, so you can rest easy knowing that both your carpets and family have protection from dust and mite allergens.  Our experienced carpet cleaning technicians specialise in all types of commercial carpets and rugs and follow manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure your carpet is not damaged.

Contact our team today to organise a commercial cleaning service to suit your business. We offer free quotes on all jobs!